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  1. Codul de eroare PS4 CE-34878-0 este o eroare responsabilă pentru prăbușirea bruscă a jocului pe care îl jucați în prezent. Mai mulți utilizatori au raportat această problemă în timp ce jucau witcher3, sims, Fortnite, monopoly plus etc. Utilizatorii au raportat că eroarea apare la lansarea jocului; jocul se blochează în câteva secunde după lansarea jocului. Deși unii utilizatori susțin că eroarea a dispărut atunci când au repornit jocul. Dar există o majoritate de oameni care au încercat să repornească și nu au reușit. Dar nu vă faceți griji, suntem aici pentru a vă oferi câteva metode și sfatu
  2. Chiar și dintr-o privire asupra specificațiilor, PS5 se află într-o ligă diferită de PS4 și chiar de PS4 Pro. Sony și-a îmbunătățit capacitățile platformei sale în toate privințele. Mai jos veți găsi un tabel care compară diferențele dintre PS4, PS4 Pro și PS5, astfel încât să puteți decide dacă merită să rămâneți cu PS4 sau să cumpărați PS5. La sfârșitul anului 2016, lumea gamerilor s-a îmbogățit cu noile console create de Sony: PS4 Pro și PS4 Slim, care se regăsesc în oferta producătorilor sub denumirea de PS4, deoarece înlocuiește vechiul model lansat în 2013. Decizia de cumpărare poate
  3. Pe lângă PlayStation 4 Slim , despre care știam deja de câteva săptămâni, PlayStation Meeting 2016 a fost evenimentul ales de Sony pentru a prezenta noul PlayStation 4 Pro , o ediție mai puternică a consolei lansată în 2013. Conceput pentru a profita de posibilitățile oferite de noile televizoare UHD, PlayStation 4 Pro va oferi suport pentru jocuri și filme 4K , precum și pentru tehnologia HDR (High Dynamic Range) , care va permite afișarea unui număr sporit de culori prin HDMI. ieșire video. Dar, atât în ​​cazul jocurilor, cât și în cazul filmelor, există câteva mențiuni care nu t
  4. How do you tell which online casinos are the best and which ones you should avoid when practically thousands of them are available? Don’t worry; we’ve got five fantastic suggestions to help players select the best online casinos! Participate in a legal online casino The most crucial piece of advice we can provide you is this. All reputable online casinos are governed by gaming authorities and must operate under a gaming license. There are numerous different licenses, but the MGA license, Curacao Gaming license, and UK Gambling Commission license are the most well-known ones. Make su
  5. The Value of Selecting the Top Online Casinos Nowadays, there are a vast number of websites offering quick money. However, only some requirements must be met. First and foremost, selecting only dependable and trusted sources is highly advised. It is simple to confirm this. Look at the website’s home page. The following should contain all pertinent information: license – owner (number)certification – physical address (Malta, Cyprus)the year of establishment, etc. It is essential to note the developer. The most trusted companies in the gambling industry include Microgaming, Playtech, N
  6. Not getting around practically everyone experiences financial hardship at some point. Life is tough, after all, and the global pandemic has caused quite a stir everywhere. This is why many people think about finding quick money to raise their financial standing. Why not, then? The internet has provided us with many opportunities in this digital age. Nowadays, people can make money via blogging, running YouTube channels, and other means. Online gambling, however, is a recent development that has taken attention from all over the world. If you didn’t know, the multi-billion dollar intern
  7. One of the oldest and most well-known card games ever invented is poker. The activity has been a favorite pastime since the seventeenth century. Since the turn of the century, more people have enjoyed playing poker. Now, the game has inspired numerous books and films. The sport is now more exciting than ever, thanks to technological advancements. Poker first gained popularity at the start of the twenty-first century. Live tournament broadcasts on television were introduced during this time. In the late 1990s, the first online poker site was then launched. The gambling industry has grown re
  8. The earliest mention of a gaming establishment is from the sixteenth century. Despite not being termed a casino specifically, it met all the criteria currently associated with one. This proof demonstrates how ingrained gambling is in human nature. This action was, therefore, always going to blow up at some point. Well, the moment has come. At this time, casinos are expanding to numbers that no one anticipated. The phenomenal expansion of casinos can be due to a wide range of factors: technology. Consider the internet an example; online casinos make their living on it. Online casinos will o
  9. Select a Casino Carefully Many novice players must know that not every online casino is the same. Finding a reliable and trustworthy website is crucial when selecting an online casino. Consider elements like the software, security precautions, and licensing details. The best course of action would be for you to spend some time reading reviews from other players. There are many websites where you can obtain honest, unbiased reviews of various casinos, according to the Bonusetu staff. These evaluations can help you limit your options and give you a solid idea of what to anticipate from ea
  10. Online casinos are a fantastic option to play your preferred casino games conveniently in your home. But how can you know which gadget is optimal for online casinos when so many different types are available? You may use this blog post to assist you in choosing the most delicate device for playing at online casinos by limiting your possibilities. Laptop One of the best gadgets for playing casino games is a laptop. You may watch the game and activity on their big screen. Also, laptops have a strong processor that can handle the jackpot city casino game demands. They give you almost a
  11. Today’s online casinos provide a wide selection of original games. Different types of gamers enjoy the tables, slots, and other forms of amusement. But which of these games is the most well-liked among online casino visitors? We consulted guides on websites like Casino Guru and a large group of players from various nations for their input. Now that we have the results let’s look at some of the casino entertainment categories that players seem to be most interested in. casino games Are you astonished that there is a mention of slots? Most definitely not. Slot machines account for between
  12. Whether you enjoy playing online video slots or despise them, the fact that you can’t avoid them has led you here. By offering a comprehensive guide on these extraordinary gambling advancements, we would be pleased to reinforce the force of your view about video slots or dispel myths about them. Our website contains over 1500 video slots, but this is just a drop in the never-ending games of chance. Online video slots evolved beyond the simple 3-reel slot machines of smokey land-based casinos to win millions worldwide, including lottery, poker, and sports betting fans. Slot machines can be
  13. Playing at live casinos is now simpler than ever, owing to many internet services that let you wager from a distance while yet experiencing the excitement of interacting with a genuine croupier. These pearls of wisdom will be helpful as you get started if you’ve never played at a live casino before but are curious to learn the fundamentals. Select a reliable website While many live casino platforms are available, not all are as dependable or well-regarded as you may believe. Therefore, rather than depending on the marketing claims of specific sites, it makes sense to review and
  14. Dans l’article précédent sur la preview de la ps4 je vous avais parlé d’un éventuel test de Need For Speed Rivals. Alors soyons clair, je ne vais pas faire une copié / collé d’autres sites spécialisés, je ne suis pas payé par EA, ni par Sony, donc je vais essayer de rester objectif et vous […] Voir l'article complet sur la PS4
  15. Dans lâarticle précédent sur la preview de la ps4 je vous avais parlé dâun éventuel test de Need For Speed Rivals. Alors soyons clair, je ne vais pas faire une copié / collé dâautres sites spécialisés, je ne suis pas payé par EA, ni par Sony, donc je vais essayer de rester objectif et vous […] Voir l'article complet sur la PS4
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